Nuno Orlando. Vessels, 2023. Big Art fair/exhibition, Bajeskwartier Amsterdam.


Nuno Orlando. Human Nature, 2023. Solo exhibition, Delfshaven Rotterdam. 


                       Nuno Orlando. Mirrors, 2022. The artwork was part of a documentary called ‘Healing’ with Diaspora Wellhouse. 


                                                          Nuno Orlando. Vessels, 2022. Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend. Ijzerblok, Rotterdam. 


                    Antony Gormley. Amazonian Field, 2022. Assistance team at Voorlinden Museum, Wassenaar. 

Nuno Orlando. Valor Incognita, 2022. Grey Space, The Hague. 

Nuno Orlando. Blue brain. Red brain. 2021. Part of ‘Light Switch’, a group project in the neighbourhood Coolhaven, Rotterdam. 


                                                                      Nuno Orlando. Circle of Life, 2021.  Maaskoe Galerie, Rotterdam.



        Nuno Orlando. Circle of Life, 2021. The New Current at Spaanse Kubus during Rotterdam Art Week. 


Nuno Orlando. Circle of life, 2020. Graduation show. Het Hem, Zaandam.

 Nuno Orlando. Vessels, 2020. Graduation project. Galerie De Aanschouw, Rotterdam.


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