Nuno Orlando is a versatile visual artist. He works with sculpture, painting, and drawing. In his work, these different mediums can relate to each other through installations.
Orlando researches the relationship between man and nature. Nature in the broadest sense of the word.

The foundation of his practice is built on universal subjects such as anthropology, identity, spirituality, and cosmology. Through these subjects, he processes the world around him, both physically and metaphysically. Most of all, the dynamic in his work is essential: “I like my work to be fluent, it's an ocean of thoughts and ideas”. Orlando likes to experiment with different techniques and step out of his comfort zone to materialize his ideas in many ways.

Orlando considers the body as space, and uses metaphors to narrate that specific relationship.
A space in which we experience, learn and grow. 



He uses different types of shells in his work to narrate that relationship. For example, seashells, peanut shells and eggshells are common in his work. A shell is an object left behind. Orlando adds: “At some point in our lives, our body becomes also an object we transcend from”. He uses shells as a metaphor for the body. In his work, the body is described as a vessel that defines space and carries energy, spirit, consciousness, memories, and life experiences.

Within this evolution process, Orlando works with waste materials with an alchemical characteristic, to make art that fits its ecological system. Using food and waste (in and outside) is a way of connecting and communicating with the world around him. His practice is considered autonomous and social. He produces for museums, galleries, and public spaces.

Nuno Orlando was born in São Vicente, Cape Verde.
He lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



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